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Cover to Volume 7, 1996

A newer version of Texas Catholic historical societies founded in 1927 and 1947, the reactivated TCHS met in Galveston, Texas, in March 1976, in conjunction with the Texas State Historical Association and organized with the objectives of discovery, collection, preservation, and publication of historical material relating to the Catholic community in Texas. Members are professors, archivists, historians, and interested individuals working to expand knowledge and appreciation of the role of Catholics in the history of Texas and the Southwest.

The TCHS newsletter, Texas Catholic Historian, updates members on activities of the society. To fulfill the publication objective, TCHS established the Journal of Texas Catholic History and Culture in 1990. Now called Catholic Southwest: A Journal of History and Culture, the journal features essays on aspects of the Roman Catholic heritage in Texas and the Southwest, focusing not only on history, but the Catholic experience expressed through art, architecture, literature, music, and other related subjects. The journal's authors and editors draw upon the rich resources found at the Catholic Archives of Texas. Since 1992, the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Mexico has conferred a number of awards on the journal for its general excellence, its book review section, and quality articles.

TCHS also sponsors a number of awards and prizes. The Carlos Eduardo CastaƱeda service award is given annually to the individual deemed to have made a lasting contribution in fulfillment of the society's mission. The Fr. Paul J. Foik award is presented annually to the author of the publication judged the most important contribution to Texas Catholic history.

The Texas Catholic Historical Society is an affiliated unit of the Texas Catholic Conference, and its board is composed of the Roman Catholic Bishops of Texas.

Catholic Southwest's most recent award from the Catholic Press Association.

Officers & Executive Council Members

Brother Richard Daly, CSC, President  

Jeffery Patterson, Vice-President

Thomas Jodziewicz, Past President

Jeff Patterson, Secretary-Treasurer 

Amanda Bresie, Editor, Texas Catholic Historian 

Richard Fossey, Editor, Catholic Southwest